The Jesus of Advent

Walk into any store or business establishment this time of year and you'll hear the familiar sound of Christmas carols. I was out shopping one day with my children and we heard the Christmas hymn, Joy to the World, playing from the store's loudspeaker.

My son turned to me and asked: 

"Mom, why are all the stores playing Christmas music about Jesus if they don't believe in him?"

Good question.

What Jesus?

These weeks leading up to Christmas Day are known among Christians as Advent. The word Advent means arrival or coming. These weeks are meant to be a time of preparation as we anticipate celebrating the arrival of Immanuel, Jesus the Christ. During Advent, we focus our hearts on who he is and what he came to do.

The question is, what Jesus are we waiting for? What Jesus are we spending these weeks anticipating? read the rest of this post, visit For the Family, my writing home today.