My Writing

St. Augustine is known to have said “I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.” I find that to be true of myself as well.

I have always loved to write. As a teen, I wrote for my school newspaper and church newsletter. When I struggled with depression in adolescence, I wrote pages of poetry to release the river of emotions that filled my heart. In my college writing class, I found writing helped me process my thoughts about life–the past, present, and future.

Then came marriage, graduate school, a career as a child psychotherapist, and then my first child. My passion for writing got lost somewhere between textbooks and a pile of diapers. After my oldest was born, I quit working and devoted my energies to learning how to be a mom. Needing an outlet to express the challenges of motherhood and the work God was doing in me, I started blogging and rediscovered my love for writing.

In addition to this blog, I write regularly for other blogs and websites. If you are interested in hiring me as a freelance writer, click on the links below for samples of my writing. I can be reached via email at: gcfox1 at gmail dot com.

My Book:

My book, A Heart Set Free: A Journey to Hope through the Psalms of Lament, is published with Christian Focus Publications. It is a primer on the art of lament; a journey through the structure and pattern of the Psalms of Lament. It's purpose is to encourage readers to cry out to God in lament, finding their hope in him.

I have written for a variety of web sites and publications, including these:

Ligonier Ministries

The Way of Lament

CCM Magazine

"Priority and Payoff" September 15, 2015 p. 22-27 (interview with Crystal Lewis)


"The Power of a Song" October 15, 2015 (interview with Building 429)